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- websites production and maintenance -

"Make it as simple as possible, but not simpler."

Albert Einstein

"Make it as simple as possible, but not simpler."

Albert Einstein



- domain and hosting administration

- registration to the search engine

- finishing of logo

- image processing as needed

- adjusting and positioning the text

- site optimization (customization for a computer, tablet, mobile)

- completely new design and technical production (redesigned site availability)

- installation of Wordpress CMS system

- CMS (possibility of self-updating and adding new content)


- subpages

- logo design

- purchase of photos from the internet

- implementation of the WooCommerce web shop system

- Payment Gateway implementation

- booking system

- multilingual websites

- websites maintenance

- one-time changes to the site

- taking photos (print and web photos)

- cooperation with translators (translation and proofreading of the text)


Depending on your project and financial capabilities, choose the group that suits you best.


If you want your website to be beautifully designed, that contains some basic info, and yet that is made in a short period - select this group.
300,00 EUR - 530,00 EUR


This group represents a good price and quality ratio. These are not complicated websites but are better than the first group in design sense. If you want that your website is step over than "just exist" choose this group.
530,00 EUR - 1.000,00 EUR


If your website is the tool you are using in your business or your business is turning to the web, advertising, promotion, web shops, etc., we suppose it is your wish that it goes in the direction of professionalism - in which case we advise this group.
Over 1.000,00 EUR
- Booking system from 1.300,00 EUR and further
- Web shop from 2.000,00 EUR and further


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